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Development and prospects

Development and prospects 

Establish the “Quality Assurance of MCU Language Proficiency”brand.

“Excellence, professionalism, and internationalization” are the goals that MCU strives to achieve. In order to adhere to the characteristics of our university, conform to the trend of the times, meet the needs of society and direction of future development, the following principles are followed:

  1. Through emphasizing effective digitalization, flexible curriculum, high-tech equipment, and integration of research, we are confident in cultivating excellent talents who are able to provide service to the world.
  2. To promote Cross-School and Cross-Department Collaboration and Cooperation, and to add courses related to particular programs, such as “Video and Animation Focused Course Program”, we enhance students’ language applications and meet the needs of the society.
  3. To enhance the academic and educational exchange activities with other countries and Mainland China, the School develops overseas training courses to promote academic research atmosphere and extend students’ worldview.
  4. Through actively enhancing academia-industry collaboration and promoting students to participate in industry internships, we promote students’ employment competitiveness.
  5. To encourage teachers to conduct academic research and participate in seminars or publish research papers, we promote academic research outcomes.
  6. To integrate resources and actively assist each Department to plan the establishment of doctoral programs, we stay in step with the higher education realm.

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